About 30 years ago, companies began to respond to their concerns about the impact on communities by adopting their social responsibilities.

Today, we think that in the face of similar social concerns, we need to adopt the digital responsibility lesson that emerges to help monitor the increasingly widening impact of the business world. That's why we are getting Pro Bono.



Identifying problems, needs, opportunities & objectives.

  • Understand the current situation
  • Explore stakeholder's needs and those of the final users
  • Develop a clear picture of the problem(s)
  • Generate a range of possible solutions to the identified problem(s)

Determining requirements and defining the best solution.

  • Analyze business and technical requirements,
  • Look at each potential solution and carefully analyse it
  • Make a decision on which solution best suits the needs.

Designing and implementing the selected solution

  • Define the project scope and determine a MVP
  • Complete conceptual design,
  • Develop a working prototype or a proof on concept using agile development methodologies.

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